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Which one would girls prefer a 1 carat moissanite ring or a 0.1 carat diamond ring?

If you buy a ring to preserve its value, please buy a gold ring. For all the things sold in a gold store, only gold has real value. Diamond rings under one carat, and Moissanite, have basically no recycling value. If you want to recycle it, you will only count the money on the basis of the ring. If you have money, you want to buy jewelry, including but not limited to small carat diamond rings, Moissanite, colorful gems, tourmalines, silver jewelry, etc., jewelry other than gold in the gold shop. Then don’t worry about whether or not the value is preserved, just buy an ornament and match the clothes with good-looking clothes. After all, jewelry only needs to use value to meet the psychological requirements. After all, don’t anyone buy Pandora and Swarovski for thousands of dollars? So, before you buy it for your girlfriend, ask if she wants to be valuable or good-looking.

Anyway, they are all worthless rings. Wear them nicely and match the skirt you are wearing. Yes, even if it’s a diamond, it’s so small, and it really doesn’t make sense to say that you are noble. After all, diamonds below 50 points don’t even have a GIA certificate, do they? Personal suggestion, if you buy jewelry, it must be a big Mossan better, easy to clean, durable, not afraid of falling diamonds, just buy another one if it breaks. Pay attention, the premise is to be an ornament. If it is a formal occasion such as a proposal or engagement. Guys, if you really want to buy diamonds, buy real diamonds of more than one carat. If you think diamonds are deceptive, please buy a genuine big gold bracelet and big gold chain. One carat diamond ring, considering the fineness, the price difference is quite big. The price of gold also fluctuates, but buying 100 grams of gold is definitely no problem, it’s realistic enough. In addition, if the subject is to buy a token of 2,000 yuan, you can ask your girlfriend if he likes gold rings. Gold is one gram forever. You can buy a pretty good gold ring for 2,000 yuan. If she doesn’t like Jin’s. Then consider buying a Moissan or broken diamond ring. (In order to avoid misleading the price issue, I delete the purchase price of my two rings here, because the purchase time is a bit long, and I don’t have a purchase link here. Please take a rational look at the value of the jewelry~) Finally, summarize again, Neither the broken diamond nor the Mozambique has any recycling value. Once you get it, you will only have use value. The real value is the ring (or ring setting), neither of which will use platinum or pure gold ring setting. At most, give 18k white gold or a cheaper silver ring. Of course, if the ring is thicker and more realistic, it will indeed be much more expensive, and if the ring has a shape, the cost will be much more expensive. Please take a rational look at the price of decorations~

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