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Is Mozanstone worth buying?

Everyone may have an impression of Moissanite as a synthetic gem, but they know very little about it. As an independent gemstone, its appearance determines its positioning, because it is very similar to diamonds. Moissanite’s fire color is 2.4 times that of diamonds. That is to say, Moissanite is more fire-colored under the same light. Will shine more. Moreover, the price is only 10 parts 1 of diamonds. This nature determines that Moissanite has a very large price advantage compared with diamonds. A long time ago, when Moissanite was first released, illegal merchants used Moissanite to sell it as diamonds in pawnshops, and many pawnshops used it as diamonds. This shows that Moissanite diamonds are very similar in appearance to diamonds and cannot be distinguished by the naked eye (people who work as pawnshops are at least smarter than ordinary people. If the pawnshops are all fooled, ordinary people cannot be distinguished)

From the perspective of cost performance, is Moissanite worth buying?

Whether it’s worth it or not, this contains a lot of subjective factors, just like some people think that buying gold is a foolish behavior because it fluctuates, but some people are keen to preserve the value of gold. It’s too far, let’s analyze whether Moissanite is worth buying.

Things have always been rare. Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone. Each stone takes 6 months to crystallize. In this concept, it cannot be said that it is rare, but compared to diamonds, are diamonds rare? Please take a look at the two reports “Diamonds are the biggest marketing scam in the 21st century” and “Russia has discovered hundreds of millions of carats of diamonds.” According to the above reports, we can conclude that diamonds are not so rare, but why are they so expensive? The following involves the De Beers Group. If you don’t understand, you can check Baidu Encyclopedia. This group has been monopolizing the production of 80%-40% of the world’s rough diamonds, and the quality is good. What can the monopoly do? Take a look at our country’s telecommunications group, the oil group will know, of course, it is a monopoly price, and the price is maintained at a high level. Although the stock of diamonds on the earth is very abundant, the monopoly group’s sentence: diamonds are forever, and one is forever. This sentence is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is enough for countless men and women who believe that diamonds can represent eternal love. The mining cost of mineral deposits is estimated to be a little bit more expensive than synthetic Moissanite, but for the high price of diamonds, it can be said to be almost negligible.

In general, Moissanite is much more cost-effective than diamonds.

From the perspective of viewing value, is Moissanite worth buying?

The following content is from Baidu Encyclopedia: “Mossang is indistinguishable from diamonds, and even the instrument can’t distinguish it, but a closer look will reveal that Mossang’s colorful flares are stronger than diamonds. Tested by professional instruments, Mossang’s flares are diamonds. 2.5 times. In fire light, diamond is 0.044, Mosang is 0.104; in refraction, diamond is 2.417, Mossang is 2.65, Mossang’s fire and refraction are both higher than diamonds. On Mohs hardness, diamond is 10. , Mozambique is 9.25, much higher than other gems.”

According to the physical properties, Moissanite is completely better than diamonds in terms of fire and refraction, only slightly behind diamonds in hardness. Many people have questions about this. Then I usually wear Moissanite rings. Flowered? According to the Mohs hardness, Moissanite is 9.25, diamond is 10, and sapphire and ruby ​​are 8-9. That is to say, except for diamonds that can be painted with Moissanite, other substances will not be affected because of insufficient hardness. Moissanite poses a great threat, so there is no problem with wearing it normally. So in terms of fire color and dispersion, Moissanite is better than diamonds, and diamonds have better hardness than Moissanite. The biggest role of diamonds is to wear them as jewelry, otherwise it is better to buy a cheap industrial diamond to wear.

So in terms of ornamental value, Moissanite is better than diamond.

So from the above conclusions, there is basically no difference between buying a Moissanite and buying a diamond, except for the slight difference in hardness. It can be used as a substitute for diamonds for daily wear.

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