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Why Choose Moissanite

Here at Moissanite.vip , we believe that moissanite is the jewel of the future. From beauty to durability, moissanite easily measures up to diamonds, if not surpassing them. Moissanite is on the leading edge of Beauty, Value, Innovation and Social Responsibility in fine jewelry today.


Moissanite’s beauty is made up of two elements: its Brilliance and its Fire. These two elements determine how much the jewel sparkles in natural light. According to the Gemological Institute of America moissanite has twice the fire of a diamond and more brilliance than any other gemstone in the world, making it the most beautiful jewel there is!


Moissanite has become the go-to stone for anyone who wants the look of a diamond at a fraction of the price. Moissanite is a rare mineral that has the same hardness and clarity as a diamond, with double the sparkle. Moissanite will last a lifetime and never changes appearance. It is one of the hardest stones in the world making it highly durable. It maintains its brilliance, fire and beauty for a lifetime but sells for a fraction of the cost, making it more economical but with no less personal value than a diamond.


The innovation of moissanite utilizes the best eyes and minds of the industry. Years of research and advancement in technology have allowed the development of the naturally occurring mineral made to be grown in the lab. The innovation has made this mineral more accessible while guaranteeing its high quality. Development and innovation has allowed Moissanite to be grown in a large variety of colors and shapes to appeal to every kind of personality.

Social Responsibility

Moissanite prioritizes environmental and ethical responsibility. Unlike mined jewels, Moissanite is absolutely conflict free, with guaranteed origin. The way Moissanite is created means that there is no harsh human labour required, nor does it allow for soil erosion or damage to ecosystems. Many consumers are seeking a more socially responsible form of fine jewellery and appreciate the assurance Moissanite provides when it comes to ethical practices.

Each and Every One of Gemstones Can Pass the Test

At Moissanite.vip, we are proud of our work. Each moissanite diamond we sell will pass standard tests for diamonds. Try it yourself, take your gem to a diamond tester and conduct a thermal or electrical conductivity test – we guarantee that your stone will pass easily.
How confident are we? If your stone doesn’t pass an independent test, we will not only offer you a full refund, we will also gift you with a free new gemstone. If that doesn’t pass a diamond test, we will give you another one, till you end up with a diamond that passes all tests.

Unique Authority Certificate for Each Gemstone

When you buy from Moissanite.vip, you will receive a unique authority certificate that accompanies each of our pieces of moissanite diamond. We employ objective third party labs who scrutinize every contour and facet of the diamond under their loupe or microscope, measuring and evaluating your gemstone so you can be confident of its value.
Have you ever seen some diamond jewelry that you coveted, but had to give up because it was too expensive? Those days are gone forever. Wave goodbye to disappointment and say “Hello” to your new, authentic and affordable diamond from Moissanite.vip

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